Shipping and return policies for DiscaL

Shipping Info
Registered Post can be tracked by using this link for local status:!ut/p/a1/jc69CsIwAATgR8qRnzYdkxaaGCUUCdYskkEkoNFBxMe3ipNg9baD7-BIJCOJJd3yIV3zuaTjs8dqJyRtjZN04XVgUJy6Rg6ComcT2E6g7ZXh9RIAlxS206armxVgq__2-BKFX_v1vpANiR-McTExN-jgDYPHG8zdfIGZH5dTGO82qwcJY6G0/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

Orders can be tracked Internationally by using the following link:

Approximated delivery time: 1 to 2 work weeks
Return Policy
All disputes must be solved via e-mail or telephone on a per case basis before requesting them through the website please.